Thursday, December 3, 2009

Found in You

Your voice is like music to my ear.
The nicest thing I’d like to hear.
It’s like hope which rips off all my fear.

I see you everywhere; you’re like air in the atmosphere.
Being far from you kills me, it’s so severe.
To my heart you’re so close, so near.
I love you like crazy, I miss you my dear.

You’re the one who set my heart on fire.
The one and only one, everyone should admire.
Love is felt but with you something to acquire.
If I say I’m just in love with you, I’ll be a liar.

I’m drowning into you day by day.
I wish you never leave me, I wish you always stay.
I wish when we get together we’ll never be away.
Wanna be with you forever, and keep it that way.
I was lost and found in you, there’s no more I’d like to say.

Hope you like it!!!


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