Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bouda, Telemcen then Oran

I started my "trip" by visiting Abdellah my friend in Bouda, then moved to together with Abd El-Wafi "The Sleepy Knight" to Telemcen. Spent 6 days there, then moved on to Oran for one day & then got back home...

In Tlemcen 2

Some pictures in the cable car & others at different places in Telemcen....

In Telemcen 1

We visited Telemcen, a wonderful city in the north west of the country. The sights here are amazing' as well as the people who are so welcoming and easy-going.
We visited the caves of "Bani Ad" in an an area called "In Afza", and the waterfalls or "Shallalat" and the Cable Cars...

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Best Freinds!!!

Hi All!!!
Here you can see me with my best friends...It's really funny and saddening at times how life can take us into different directions and destinations...We may even lose contact with those who were the closest people to us...But if that friendship was real and honest then we can always get together no matter how far we are from each other even if we don't meet...Pretty philosophical, ain't it? HEHEHE

Friday, July 3, 2009

* As a matter of fact, all authors of the world need to attract the readers' attention - even if they deny it - trying to make their stories the most exciting ones. Some seek money, others look for fame; but I'm seeking the truth that I want to share with you. Maybe some fame wouldn't cause me any harm, would it? In fact there are thousands of things crossing my mind, trying to make it wider, I do want to trouble your minds if you don't mind.
* The first thing or feeling which is so troublesome for me and for you - I guess - is what we call love. People say it's a noble feeling, if so what about those who believe without sex love is meaningless? If that's it, then love sucks! Some claim that love is meant to be defended, or else it may get stolen. However, if we really love the other we should really respect their decision when they decide to leave us for a new love.
* There are also pessimists, who think that nothing called love exists. i think that, generally speaking, we don't understand what love really is. We try to do so, but we still need to learn more. This could only work if both sides make sacrifice to keep the relation on-going.
* Courage, what's it really like? I still wonder! Many people believe that being brave means doing every single thing you wish, without fearing the others. To me, those people are so weak to control themselves and face their desires. Ain't it brave when we say no to ourselves for something we're so much into? provided that it's a bad deed, of course. Similarly, doing something good and fighting our own selves for it needs lots of courage.
* Happiness! Are we happy when we think we are? We feel happy because we need to? Or when we want to? what do you think? Does money make us feel happy? Happiness is nit in having money, but rather in DREAMING. I mean, we're happy when we dream to achieve things. We're happy as well when our dreams come true; but after a while we get bored with what the things we achieved. WE CAN LOSE OUR HAPPINESS IF WE LOSE THE ABILITY TO DREAM.
NB: I wrote this when I was at 2nd or 3rd year at university.
(the picture you see is a gift my second year pupils gave me...HOW SWEET!)

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