Saturday, October 31, 2009

Traditional 2 (The "Rifles dance" or "L'BAROUD")

In the following videos you'll be introduced to a special dance called "L'BAROUD" or powder (for rifles). It's a traditional dance presented to celebrate national & religious holidays, the dancers usually stand in circles holding their rifles fully loaded of powder singing special songs. After a sign from the "man in charge" or the maestro who usually stands in the middle of the circle; the dancers fire their rifles causing a cloud of smoke & a roaring sound which would make all the crowds jump suddenly after hearing the abrupt sound. The costumes are uniquely chosen for this "occasion" & are usually kept only for this dance and not to be changed...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Traditional 1 (Special "AHALIL" songs)

This is a traditional song called "Ahalil" in Arabic it is "أهل الليل". it stands for "the night people or group" something like that. The lyrics of the song include some special "prayers" and special "religious poetry"; mostly sung in the original dialect of the area which is "Zenit" known also as "Znatiya". The songs are sung in circles & mostly people are sitting because it takes them long hours at night if not the whole of it. The songs are accompanied with a special hand clapping & sometimes some special musical devices are used, but this isn't common.
I leave you now with this video which i hope you would find interesting & entertaining...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We belong to Allah & to him we shall return...

On the 25/10/2009 Grandpa passed for good!!! You never really know how much you loved someone until you lose them. After being in bed for almost a year, he left our world for good...
May allah bestow his forgiveness & blessing on him & gather us one day in his paradise with all our beloved all Muslims & our beloved prophet (pbuh).
"Inna li allahi wa inna ilayhi raji3oun"...
I wish for everyone who would read this message to pray for my grandpa & all departed muslims & to ask Allah enlighten their graves & make Koran their companion...Ameen
We ask allah "Hosn Alkhatima" & his "Djanna"...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's the thing a teacher can NEVER forget?

This day will be unforgettable in my whole carrier. As it is the case on every Sunday,I got my stuff ready & I had my breakfast & headed to the car where my father was waiting. After 40 minutes of driving we made it to the other city. By the time I reached school I just reached out for something vital that a teacher is meaningless without & that he could never forget...Something I hoped my pupils would not notice, but that's hard to wish for...At the end of the first class a clever student of mine asked me : "Teacher! where's your school bag?" hehehehe such an awkward situation...The only answer she got from me was: " Have you ever seen a teacher without his school bag?" She said: "NO" well then I said :" Then DON'T believe it..."
Expect the Unexpected....

Monday, October 12, 2009

the New Borns

Every sane, kind-hearted, human being who has a pure soul likes animals. But some crazy people exaggerate it & put animals care & help on top of helping HUMANS in need.
We have a small herd of sheep in a stable-like area. Lately, two new born owes made it to this life, they look soooo cute, full of life & energy...
I had lots of trouble trying to take pictures of them, they were running all over the place & I had to grab one of them to take a picture with. Even animals like to keep their privacy (which is so hard for some humans to understand)
It was like: Would u mind? I need some space, leave me alone!!! hahaha

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fouguara (Irrigation System in the Sahara)

Hi everyone!
In this documentary you'll be introduced to FOUGUARA (a special irrigations system used in my city & nearby). It's unique system which dates back to centuries.
Many theories have been made about the origin of this marvelous and unique "piece of work" that man created, but it's hard to decide on it.
Unfortunately the fougurara is dying out because of lack of care and the use of alternatives like what we know today as tap water and other water supply systems.
Hope somebody would do something to preserve that heritage and keep it from disappearing...
(The Documentary is mainly in Arabic so I'll fetch some equivalent videos or do translation myself, which I hate most of all.)
Enjoy it

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Teacher’s Job

I never met a teacher who does not complain.
Saying his students drive him insane.
And that his job is so hard and lots of pain.
Just a different job and he would refrain.
And to teaching he would never come back again.
Or else, he would be sure that he lost his brain.

Few are those who said teaching is so noble.
And that rewards in such a job are double.
It’s true that it is lots of pain and trouble.
But a smile on your pupil’s face is such a marvel.
That would pay for all your pain and make the world so humble.

A teacher is a burning candle for your own good.
He would help you out with all he could.
He doesn’t expect any silver from you or gold.
Your success and happiness would mean to him all the world.

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