Friday, October 2, 2009

A Teacher’s Job

I never met a teacher who does not complain.
Saying his students drive him insane.
And that his job is so hard and lots of pain.
Just a different job and he would refrain.
And to teaching he would never come back again.
Or else, he would be sure that he lost his brain.

Few are those who said teaching is so noble.
And that rewards in such a job are double.
It’s true that it is lots of pain and trouble.
But a smile on your pupil’s face is such a marvel.
That would pay for all your pain and make the world so humble.

A teacher is a burning candle for your own good.
He would help you out with all he could.
He doesn’t expect any silver from you or gold.
Your success and happiness would mean to him all the world.


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