Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simplicity VS modern, complex life....

For ever and for always, simplicity to me ِّmeans less trouble and distractions...Life in the countryside is always a lot of fun, joy and more genuine like than in a city. Nothing would do better than paying your old fellow men a visit there and enjoy their presence whenever circumstances allow you....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

* Strange Feeling *

So often people say things happen for a reason.
That’s what I thought when our eyes first met.
Rosy cheeks, long hair, she was flavour of the season.
A breath taking, walking beauty amazingly set.
Never shall I meet a mortal with superb features.
God has made beauty, but she’s not like other creatures.
Everything fainted around, I couldn’t feel the ground.
Far from earth was I, heavenly touching the sky.
Endless thoughts, direct shots, like crazy going round.
Echoes of her voice, gave me no other choice but fly.
Long it took me to get out of that slow motion.
I got back to normal, rhythmic life with a strange emotion.
Never did I feel so happy, I got on cloud nine.
God you made it happen, oh! Pray make her mine.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

whither Iraq?

Ain't it funny and absurd that a nation which claims to be a peace keeper and maker in the world ignores totally all the incidents happening in Palestine and the inhuman, savage treatment of the Palestinian people by its ally 'Israel'? Or peace keeping & making is only applied when benefits and revenues are to be received? I wonder what peace is the American administration talking about when it comes to countries like Iraq! All I could see (& everyone who's not blindfolded) is destruction, bloodshed & havoc.

Watch this marvellous video which speaks about the suffering of Iraqi citizens under the siege and mercy of the so-called 'PEACE-KEEPERS & MAKERS' !!!! Here we go:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lil Chicks

What a splendid day!
My dad went to the market today and bought some little cute yellow birds. How cute those chicks look, they are really funny and so amusing to look at. No wonder that little kids over town are no more buying candies but chicks to look after, especially since a chick is only sold for 10 Dinars (0.1 Euro).
I couldn't resist the temptation and held my camera to make a video. so musical there voices were, so lovely there movements and so cheerful their company.

Enjoy the Video:

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