Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Crush

Don’t ask me how, but she can’t go unnoticed.
I can’t get my eyes off her radiant face.
I tremble & shake, my heart has melted.
Is there a cure, a remedy for my case?

How did it happen? I don’t have a clue!
It’s just like fever, or like the flue.
There’s no logic, reasons are very few.
It’s really complicated! I’m telling you!

I can’t go tell her, Oh no! I can’t confess.
It’s hard already, I’m in a mess.
It’s a heavy burden, I’m in distress.

You may advise me to hurry, to act so fast.
But I see no future for us no need to rush.
Though it’s killing me, my heart would blast.
It should be kept within, should remain a crush !!!

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