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Wearing Veil In Islam (funny answer By Sheikh Ahmed Deedat)


by Dr. Zakir Naik

Normally, when I meet an atheist, the first thing I like to do is to congratulate him and say, " My special congratulations to you", because most of the people who believe in God are doing blind belief - he is a Christian, because his father is a Christian; he is a Hindu, because his father is a Hindu; the majority of the people in the world are blindly following the religion of their fathers. An atheist, on the other hand, even though e may belong to a religious family, uses his intellect to deny the existence of God; what ever concept or qualities of God he may have learnt in his religion may not seem to be logical to him.
My Muslim brothers may question me, "Zakir, why are you congratulating an atheist?" The reason that I am congratulating an atheist is because he agrees with the first part of the Shahada i.e. the Islamic Creed, ‘La ilaaha’ - meaning ‘there is no God’. So half my job is already done; now the only part left is ‘il lallah’ i.e. ‘BUT ALLAH’ which I shall do Insha Allah. With others (who are not atheists) I have to first remove from their minds the wrong concept of God they may have and then put the correct concept of one true God.


My first question to the atheist will be: "What is the definition of God?" For a person to say there is no God, he should know what is the meaning of God. If I hold a book and say that ‘this is a pen’, for the opposite person to say, ‘it is not a pen’, he should know what is the definition of a pen, even if he does not know nor is able to recognise or identify the object I am holding in my hand. For him to say this is not a pen, he should at least know what a pen means. Similarly for an atheist to say ‘there is no God’, he should at least know the concept of God. His concept of God would be derived from the surroundings in which he lives. The god that a large number of people worship has got human qualities - therefore he does not believe in such a god. Similarly a Muslim too does not and should not believe in such false gods.
If a non-Muslim believes that Islam is a merciless religion with something to do with terrorism; a religion which does not give rights to women; a religion which contradicts science; in his limited sense that non-Muslim is correct to reject such Islam. The problem is he has a wrong picture of Islam. Even I reject such a false picture of Islam, but at the same time, it becomes my duty as a Muslim to present the correct picture of Islam to that non-Muslim i.e. Islam is a merciful religion, it gives equal rights to the women, it is not incompatible with logic, reason and science; if I present the correct facts about Islam, that non-Muslim may Inshallah accept Islam.
Similarly the atheist rejects the false gods and the duty of every Muslim is to present the correct concept of God which he shall Insha Allah not refuse.
(You may refer to my article, ‘Concept of God in Islam’, for more details)


The methods of proving the existence of God with usage of the material provided in the ‘Concept of God in Islam’ to an atheist may satisfy some but not all.
Many atheists demand a scientific proof for the existence of God. I agree that today is the age of science and technology. Let us use scientific knowledge to kill two birds with one stone, i.e. to prove the existence of God and simultaneously prove that the Qur’an is a revelation of God.
If a new object or a machine, which no one in the world has ever seen or heard of before, is shown to an atheist or any person and then a question is asked, " Who is the first person who will be able to provide details of the mechanism of this unknown object? After little bit of thinking, he will reply, ‘the creator of that object.’ Some may say ‘the producer’ while others may say ‘the manufacturer.’ What ever answer the person gives, keep it in your mind, the answer will always be either the creator, the producer, the manufacturer or some what of the same meaning, i.e. the person who has made it or created it. Don’t grapple with words, whatever answer he gives, the meaning will be same, therefore accept it.


In mathematics there is a theory known as ‘Theory of Probability’. If you have two options, out of which one is right, and one is wrong, the chances that you will chose the right one is half, i.e. one out of the two will be correct. You have 50% chances of being correct. Similarly if you toss a coin the chances that your guess will be correct is 50% (1 out of 2) i.e. 1/2. If you toss a coin the second time, the chances that you will be correct in the second toss is again 50% i.e. half. But the chances that you will be correct in both the tosses is half multiplied by half (1/2 x 1/2) which is equal to 1/4 i.e. 50% of 50% which is equal to 25%. If you toss a coin the third time, chances that you will be correct all three times is (1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2) that is 1/8 or 50% of 50% of 50% that is 12½%.
A dice has got six sides. If you throw a dice and guess any number between 1 to 6, the chances that your guess will be correct is 1/6. If you throw the dice the second time, the chances that your guess will be correct in both the throws is (1/6 x 1/6) which is equal to 1/36. If you throw the dice the third time, the chances that all your three guesses are correct is (1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6) is equal to 1/216 that is less than 0.5 %.
Let us apply this theory of probability to the Qur’an, and assume that a person has guessed all the information that is mentioned in the Qur’an which was unknown at that time. Let us discuss the probability of all the guesses being simultaneously correct.
At the time when the Qur’an was revealed, people thought the world was flat, there are several other options for the shape of the earth. It could be triangular, it could be quadrangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal, octagonal, spherical, etc. Lets assume there are about 30 different options for the shape of the earth. The Qur’an rightly says it is spherical, if it was a guess the chances of the guess being correct is 1/30.
The light of the moon can be its own light or a reflected light. The Qur’an rightly says it is a reflected light. If it is a guess, the chances that it will be correct is 1/2 and the probability that both the guesses i.e the earth is spherical and the light of the moon is reflected light is 1/30 x 1/2 = 1/60.
Further, the Qur’an also mentions every living thing is made of water. Every living thing can be made up of either wood, stone, copper, aluminum, steel, silver, gold, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, oil, water, cement, concrete, etc. The options are say about 10,000. The Qur’an rightly says that everything is made up of water. If it is a guess, the chances that it will be correct is 1/10,000 and the probability of all the three guesses i.e. the earth is spherical, light of moon is reflected light and everything is created from water being correct is 1/30 x 1/2 x 1/10,000 = 1/60,000 which is equal to about .0017%.

The Qur’an speaks about hundreds of things that were not known to men at the time of its revelation. Only in three options the result is .0017%. I leave it upto you, to work out the probability if all the hundreds of the unknown facts were guesses, the chances of all of them being correct guesses simultaneously and there being not a single wrong guess. It is beyond human capacity to make all correct guesses without a single mistake, which itself is sufficient to prove to a logical person that the origin of the Qur’an is Divine.


The only logical answer to the question as to who could have mentioned all these scientific facts 1400 years ago before they were discovered, is exactly the same answer initially given by the atheist or any person, to the question who will be the first person who will be able to tell the mechanism of the unknown object. It is the ‘CREATOR’, the producer, the Manufacturer of the whole universe and its contents. In the English language He is ‘God’, or more appropriate in the Arabic language, ‘ALLAH’.


Let me remind you that the Qur’an is not a book of Science, ‘S-C-I-E-N-C-E’ but a book of Signs ‘S-I-G-N-S’ i.e. a book of ayaats. The Qur’an contains more than 6,000 ayaats, i.e. ‘signs’, out of which more than a thousand speak about Science. I am not trying to prove that the Qur’an is the word of God using scientific knowledge as a yard stick because any yardstick is supposed to be more superior than what is being checked or verified. For us Muslims the Qur’an is the Furqan i.e. criteria to judge right from wrong and the ultimate yardstick which is more superior to scientific knowledge.
But for an educated man who is an atheist, scientific knowledge is the ultimate test which he believes in. We do know that science many a times takes ‘U’ turns, therefore I have restricted the examples only to scientific facts which have sufficient proof and evidence and not scientific theories based on assumptions. Using the ultimate yardstick of the atheist, I am trying to prove to him that the Qur’an is the word of God and it contains the scientific knowledge which is his yardstick which was discovered recently, while the Qur’an was revealed 1400 year ago. At the end of the discussion, we both come to the same conclusion that God though superior to science, is not incompatible with it.


Francis Bacon, the famous philosopher, has rightly said that a little knowledge of science makes man an atheist, but an in-depth study of science makes him a believer in God. Scientists today are eliminating models of God, but they are not eliminating God. If you translate this into Arabic, it is La illaha illal la, There is no god, (god with a small ‘g’ that is fake god) but God (with a capital ‘G’).
Surah Fussilat:
"Soon We will show them our signs in the (farthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things?"
[Al-Quran 41:53]

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Importance of AZAN

The Holy Prophet Mohammad (SalallaAllahu Alehi Wasallam) said, stop doing everything during the
Azan even reading the Quran, (and repeat the Azaan with the Moazzin.) The person who talks during the Azaan will
not be able to say the Kalma-e-shahadat on his/her death bed.

PS: Please try to pass this message to more muslims as u can afford. Please send to other to know….

Thank you Muslima, may Allah bless you.



If you're not prepared to be wrong,you'll never come up with anything original.

We don't grow into creativity but we rather grow out of it.

Can you think of Shakespeare being in somebody's English class.....How annoying would that be !.....being sent to bed by his father..

They look upon their bodies as kind of a means of transporting their heads.....way of getting their heads to meetings

Women are good at multitasking

If a man speaks his mind in a forest and no woman hears him,is he still wrong ?

There was a wonderful quote by Jonas Salk,who said "If all the insects were to disappear from the earth,within 50 years all life on earth would end.If all human beings were to disappear from the earth ,within 50 years all forms of life would flourish."

(Taken from Sofiane's blog...Many thanks indeed Sof)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Is Cool

Love is a feeling but insane.
Messes up powers of the brain.

It breaks your heart, makes you weak.
It turns a wise fellow into a freak.

Be it a fancy, feeling or a dream.
It breaks your pride and self-esteem.

Is it innate or something learnt?
Tell me now! I should be alert.

Do we love to live? Or live to love?
Or it’s all dictated from above?

People say “love me love my dog”
Wasn’t prince charming an ugly frog?

In the end, does love exist?
Is there a cure? Can we resist?

If you’re in love then you’re a fool.
But does it matter? Love is cool!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Allah Knows (By Zain Bhika and Dawud Wharnsby Ali)

When you feel all alone in this world
And there's nobody to count your tears
Just remember no matter where you are
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you're carrying a monster load
And you wonder how far you can go
With every step on that road you take
Allah knows, Allah knows.

(Cause) No matter what, inside or out
Theres one thing of which there's no doubt
Allah knows, Allah knows.
And whatever lies in the heavens and the Earth
Every star in this whole universe
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you find that special someone
Feel your whole life has barely begun
You can walk on the moon shout it to everyone
Allah knows, Allah knows.

When you gaze with love in your eyes
Catch your glimpse of paradise
And you see your child take the first breath of life
Allah knows, Allah knows.


When you lose someone close to your heart
See your whole world fall apart
And you try to go on but it seems so hard
Allah knows, Allah knows.

See we all have a path to choose
Through the valleys and hills we go
With the ups and the downs never fret never frown
Allah knows, Allah knows.

Chorus 2x

Every grain of sands in every desert plants
He knows
Every sheet of palm, every closed hand
He knows
Every sparkling tear on every eye lash
He knows
Every thought I had and every word I share
He knows
Allah knows

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DEATH (a friend's poem)

Darting into your existence like a heavy grave guest
Spreading horror, digging his poisoned nails deep in your chest
Collecting life out of every cell split it from its nest
Not a nuclear survives him if for escape it gives its best

Eliminate your spirit breaks your soul to tiny bits very slow
So tiny that through the eye of a needle they can go
Your land that bloomed frost up and your skies sizzle and snow
To his haughty brutality drowns your horizon in a torturing woe

Ache and soreness is what you feel when your soul flows away
Like a wild waterfall headed to the unknown not a drop shall stay
In an obeying motion your breaths race to the gates dance and sway
Smirking mocking your helpless body as he wasn’t their loving host for one day

Tormented plagued body fades like a wilting drooping flower
He harshly sucks its strength its lust its will and its power
Watered by a storm of firing tears sinking his lands in a furious shower
Mourning his lost sweet fellow soul caged in a soaring unreachable tower

Humble and worthless upon his merciless magnificence you shall feel
As a legend tale monster he consumes your guts like a yummy meal
A rotten hollow frame is all what’s left of you after your soul he will steal
Neither a philosopher nor a prophet your immortal moldy wound can heal

Monday, January 4, 2010


I’m struggling to find the words which would do you right.
Your love is something so hard for me to fight.
You’re shining like a sun, so elegant, so bright.

Speechless, that’s how you make me feel.
I need your love to make my wounds heal.
You stole my heart, my mind, my soul. Oh girl! What’s left to steal?

Oh girl! With you I tremble, I lack the power of speech.
But I’m ever so happy that the high heavens I can reach.
To hear your voice & feel your tenderness I’d do anything, I’ll beseech.

What kills me more is the way she whispers the words.
“I love you baby” oh girl! You make me fly like the birds.
A fairytale, the sweetest dream; cannot be found in all the worlds.

She’s a beautyqueen; she’s Cinderella, awesomeness in all details.
You’re out of reach like a star whose outstanding beauty prevails.
If everyone fails in your love, I’m your prince charming who never fails.

Dear Sofiane

With a genuine smile which reflects the goodness at his heart.
The eloquence of speech, his manners, and being so smart,
Make him a wonderful person, from whom you never whish to be apart.

With a touch of wisdom & a sparkle of magic he makes his speech.
With a beautifully, carefully chosen writing style totally out of reach.
And what a mind full of knowledge & bright thoughts! He never hesitates to teach.

God I’m thankful for blessing my life with such an amazingly truthful friend.
With whom I’m in ecstasy & wish our time together will never end.
Whose charm of spirit & beauty of soul are so plain to understand.

O dear Sofiane to my heart & soul you made your way.
I wish our brotherhood and friendship would last & that we’ll never be away.
You’re an angel with whom I’ll always be glad to stay.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whispers of a wounded heart (a friend's poem)

I’ve faced pain and troubles but never bowed in front of fears
But sorry I broke my promise & couldn't foil my heart from shedding hot tears
Harshly I keep fighting back this sorrow up till the morning
Trying to dash away from a maze and trying to stop it from absorbing
Absorbing my breaths making me lost in a hole
A hole where I saw everything murky and dark like Cole
Oh universe, Pardon me if I keep concerning you with sorrows of my heart
This fair pure wretched heart that was tormented and torn apart
You know what it is like to stay in hell all night struggling alone
Feeling numb and once in a while your heart sends a silent moan
Sadness and joy are guests in our lives having an eternal fight
But what we have to do is let go grieve fast and embrace the joy so tight
Wretched heart, one day you’ll get over all this pain
One dawn sorrow will be gone not leaving any stain
Some people spend a lifetime thinking if they forgive those who got them hurt
And before they even know it they find themselves buried under dirt
Hopefully you’ll have enough courage to move on hopefully you’ll be brave
Hopefully you won’t make of my life a fake colorful grave
Dear heart I’ll spare you the advices coz I’m sure you already know
That what you did and what you felt can't be considered as a flaw
You loved a person and wanted to be with him every night
Wishing that every morning his smile enlighten your day before the sun light
Don’t think you’re the first to experience this
Oh you’re not the only one who was asleep in a bogus bliss
I know how grief-stricken and sorrowful you were
Lost wondering falling in an endless terrifying blur
Falling like a leaf...
Falling like a flower...
Finding a belief...
Falling like a star
Falling like a rebellion drop of rain
In the desert of melancholy...
In the caves of grief
In the cage of sins.
For past lives, you’re meant to suffer
In the cold graves of gloom
Where tombs fade with doom.
In the deep oceans of dry sorrow
With poisoned thorns darting through you with a speed of an arrow
Searching desperately for a spark of light to follow.
But dear heart, in this is life we can't pass through without pain
You’re one little soul in thousand miserable’s chain
Soon your grief will burned with the faith heat
The delight you'll feel will lift you off your feet
You’ll be drowned in serenity peace and monstrous love
And you will soar your wings in the sky of ecstasy like a dove
God never thwart a human and never shatter his servant’s life
You'll feel peace when you meet the one who deserves to have you as a wife
You’ll find eternal joy when you want it and seek it inside you deep
God’s mercy is what you have to believe in and what you have to keep
May peace embrace your soul like a tender mom
And dear heart, joy you'll feel when angels come

Thanks again to Faith for the lovely poem...

Lost in love (a friend's poem)

Your love is wrapped around my soul
I wonder in his clutches like a fool
Life without your smile has no taste
Every second without you is a waste
In your veins my darling I wish to die
And in your eternal heaven I dream to fly
Every thought of you makes my universe freeze
Your breath caress my soul like a summer night breeze
My darling tiger I miss you by my side
My yearning for you I can’t manage to hide
To sink in your deep ocean is all what I’m needing
Your touch will cure my heart and stop it from bleeding
Let our cells and our pores play the sweet eternal symphony
Breathless restless lost yearning moaning in harmony
Our hearts go after each other in an endless chase
Trying to dominate each one’s soul causing a holy maze
Your poisoned hits of love make me go down on my feet
All in life sound abstract and your love is so concrete
You’re the source of the darkness and the source of light
Your love is a luscious fusion of safety and fright
I bet I sound dramatic, pathetic and lame
All I want is your love I’m seeking no fame
I don’t say this for rhyming I say it for love’s sake
These are my genuine feelings babe they aren’t fake
I want to be near and follow you like a tail
Loving you more a love that’s never meant to fail
Dearest I’m truthful I’m sincere, you know I’m no liar
Your love is consuming my breaths like a big fat fire

Thanks to faith for this lovely poem...

99 Beautiful Names of Allah

Zain Bhikha - Sabr & Shukr [Lyrics]

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