Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whispers of a wounded heart (a friend's poem)

I’ve faced pain and troubles but never bowed in front of fears
But sorry I broke my promise & couldn't foil my heart from shedding hot tears
Harshly I keep fighting back this sorrow up till the morning
Trying to dash away from a maze and trying to stop it from absorbing
Absorbing my breaths making me lost in a hole
A hole where I saw everything murky and dark like Cole
Oh universe, Pardon me if I keep concerning you with sorrows of my heart
This fair pure wretched heart that was tormented and torn apart
You know what it is like to stay in hell all night struggling alone
Feeling numb and once in a while your heart sends a silent moan
Sadness and joy are guests in our lives having an eternal fight
But what we have to do is let go grieve fast and embrace the joy so tight
Wretched heart, one day you’ll get over all this pain
One dawn sorrow will be gone not leaving any stain
Some people spend a lifetime thinking if they forgive those who got them hurt
And before they even know it they find themselves buried under dirt
Hopefully you’ll have enough courage to move on hopefully you’ll be brave
Hopefully you won’t make of my life a fake colorful grave
Dear heart I’ll spare you the advices coz I’m sure you already know
That what you did and what you felt can't be considered as a flaw
You loved a person and wanted to be with him every night
Wishing that every morning his smile enlighten your day before the sun light
Don’t think you’re the first to experience this
Oh you’re not the only one who was asleep in a bogus bliss
I know how grief-stricken and sorrowful you were
Lost wondering falling in an endless terrifying blur
Falling like a leaf...
Falling like a flower...
Finding a belief...
Falling like a star
Falling like a rebellion drop of rain
In the desert of melancholy...
In the caves of grief
In the cage of sins.
For past lives, you’re meant to suffer
In the cold graves of gloom
Where tombs fade with doom.
In the deep oceans of dry sorrow
With poisoned thorns darting through you with a speed of an arrow
Searching desperately for a spark of light to follow.
But dear heart, in this is life we can't pass through without pain
You’re one little soul in thousand miserable’s chain
Soon your grief will burned with the faith heat
The delight you'll feel will lift you off your feet
You’ll be drowned in serenity peace and monstrous love
And you will soar your wings in the sky of ecstasy like a dove
God never thwart a human and never shatter his servant’s life
You'll feel peace when you meet the one who deserves to have you as a wife
You’ll find eternal joy when you want it and seek it inside you deep
God’s mercy is what you have to believe in and what you have to keep
May peace embrace your soul like a tender mom
And dear heart, joy you'll feel when angels come

Thanks again to Faith for the lovely poem...


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