Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Sofiane

With a genuine smile which reflects the goodness at his heart.
The eloquence of speech, his manners, and being so smart,
Make him a wonderful person, from whom you never whish to be apart.

With a touch of wisdom & a sparkle of magic he makes his speech.
With a beautifully, carefully chosen writing style totally out of reach.
And what a mind full of knowledge & bright thoughts! He never hesitates to teach.

God I’m thankful for blessing my life with such an amazingly truthful friend.
With whom I’m in ecstasy & wish our time together will never end.
Whose charm of spirit & beauty of soul are so plain to understand.

O dear Sofiane to my heart & soul you made your way.
I wish our brotherhood and friendship would last & that we’ll never be away.
You’re an angel with whom I’ll always be glad to stay.


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