Saturday, January 9, 2010

DEATH (a friend's poem)

Darting into your existence like a heavy grave guest
Spreading horror, digging his poisoned nails deep in your chest
Collecting life out of every cell split it from its nest
Not a nuclear survives him if for escape it gives its best

Eliminate your spirit breaks your soul to tiny bits very slow
So tiny that through the eye of a needle they can go
Your land that bloomed frost up and your skies sizzle and snow
To his haughty brutality drowns your horizon in a torturing woe

Ache and soreness is what you feel when your soul flows away
Like a wild waterfall headed to the unknown not a drop shall stay
In an obeying motion your breaths race to the gates dance and sway
Smirking mocking your helpless body as he wasn’t their loving host for one day

Tormented plagued body fades like a wilting drooping flower
He harshly sucks its strength its lust its will and its power
Watered by a storm of firing tears sinking his lands in a furious shower
Mourning his lost sweet fellow soul caged in a soaring unreachable tower

Humble and worthless upon his merciless magnificence you shall feel
As a legend tale monster he consumes your guts like a yummy meal
A rotten hollow frame is all what’s left of you after your soul he will steal
Neither a philosopher nor a prophet your immortal moldy wound can heal


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