Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The French Exam

A puzzled look never left their faces.
Wondering what the hell should be done?!!

A “repulsive” language hardened their cases.
Never did they like nor enjoy it, never had fun.

Their teacher got in and out, not a ray of hope he brought.
Do with him or without, a lost battle needless to be fought.

Lots of casualties, all defeated, all in despair.
Only the prof survived, life’s really unfair.

I enquired & investigated in my quest to find the cause.
Are all of ‘em dumb? Were they injected with a stupidity overdose?

Sooner came the answer to all my questions, as he commenced to read.
Wrong pronunciation, false information was all he had to feed.

But who sent him here? Where are the competent French profs? Oh, damn!
Who’d come for the rescue & make their faces shine in The French Exam?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tongue Twisters

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Youm L3ilm "Knowledge Day" Belated Celebration

A belated celebration took place this year due to lots of reasons. All that matters is that our pupils got satisfied & felt happy & rejoiced along the celebration. Unlike last year, most of the brilliant minds (pupils) received their presents directly from the hands of their own parents or other family members & that was so sweet. My job, as was the case last year, to take pictures (I'm getting pro) that I enjoyed most of all, but no more than the sweet cakes & the drinks...Here are some samples of my handy piece of art:

Palmtrees plantation PICS

I've been honored with a visit some dear friends of mine payed. We've had lots of fun, and enjoyed ourselves, mainly when we went to the palm-trees plantation & spend some time there...Here are some of the pics we took...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

19/04/2010 The day of my confirmation

Such a long, hard, never-ending day that seemed. It took me almost six hours to finally get confirmed. What a tiring day that was, both for me & my pupils! Thank God it's all water under the bridge now...As the saying goes: " Tough moments don't last, tough people do"...

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