Sunday, June 28, 2009

The "Sleepy" Knight

Well, he likes to call himself "the Brave Knight" but all i could see on those pictures is a sleepy and tired person...Deserves to be called a knight at all? I doubt it!!! hahaha. Anyways, let's call him The "Sleepy" Night...
In one of the pictures u can see me half-asleep with Mr Daouidi.He's been disturbing my peace since he didnt feel dizzy, trying hard to keep me up saying things & taking photos...Oh PAleaaaase set me freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gaza Strip 2008 Crucial Events

Though now it all seems like never happened...A nightmare to some of us, and just a story on TV, same as watching the evening news !!! to some others...
During more than a month GAZA Strip went into a Savage Dirty attack by the STATE of TERRORISTS who never know the meaning of peace or keeping a promise or abiding by laws...a bunch of murderers and outlaws...Scum gathered in one place trying to rip off other people of their land to make a nation of theirs, taking more than a thousand innocent lives...BUT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN AS LONG AS WE LIVE....

Friday, June 12, 2009


When the twin towers fell down in the land of Uncle Sam.
They blamed it unhesitatingly on Islam.

Islam, they said, is a motive for terror, for killing and blood-shed.
Islam, to them, wants all humans to be dead.

If a crazy murderer takes lives away.
Then it must be the teachings of Islam he had night and day.
No other reasons would explain acting on such a way.

I see Islam as purification of the soul.
A muslim never hates or kills like a deranged fool.

It teaches forgiveness, respect and love.
Mercy, peace and noble feelings in Islam raise above.
It’s a message of peace on the wings of a white dove.

“Let Me Cheat”

O teacher! Have mercy, please let me cheat.
I haven’t written anything on my sheet.
This is just copying no counterfeit.
I wanna move on to next level, not keep my seat.
There will be more interesting people to meet.
Can’t you see I’m tortured and suffering from the heat?
This ain’t a war or an enemy we’re trying to defeat.
If you’d like, I’ll kiss both your feet.
O son! All I’m gonna say to you is:
“If there’s no sweat, there will be no sweet”

“Tell Me I’m Not In Love”

- Staying here in my room, trying to get your image off my head.
- It was indeed my struggle last week and the one ahead.
- This feeling is new and strong, thrilling me and making me so sad.
- I’m not doing anything just thinking about you, as a mad.
- I told my story to a friend “Oh my god!” that’s what he said.
- You’re in love that will kill you if you’re not already dead.
- So, how to get over? I said, or there’s no way?
- To forget her, and stay focused and conscious all day.
- The world is anxious, my heart is broken and my mind is away.
- No one helped me out, everyone I asked said it’s hard to say.
- You may never get over; you may stick on her all the way.
- I tried everything; I’m so confused I’m worked out.
- I want to go out, to scream and shout.
- Then suddenly, as I was thinking an idea came out.
- In fact, I always knew it’s the only way, no doubt.
- To talk to her and confess that I had a knock out.
- From her, and to ask her what she thinks about that.
- Somehow, I went to her house and rang the bell then she opened the door.
- I got a heart attack and was frozen and stuck to the floor.
- She said: “tell me I’m not in love, it has never happened to me before.”

Friday, June 5, 2009

When a Poet Loses the Words

Do you know how it feels,
when a poet loses the words?

He'll be thinking of sky,
like a wings-broken-bird.

He'll be wrongly saying the words,
as a little boy who can't even be heard.

He'll be as crazy as you can imagine,
out of his mind exactly as a nerd.

Totally confused, hating himself, all the people
and no more assured.

All around him is so dark,
and to him it's the end of the world.

He lost his inspiration, his talent
and all the stuff he's learned.

He gives everything, anything,
to get back his talent, to get the words.

That's how a poet can be,
the one who tells you things you never heard.

That person who affects & touches your feelings,
more than anyone could.

Yeah! He can be so sad and confused,
but would he astonish you again?
Yes he would


Stop crying, don't shed a tear, we're going to the light.
We are solid, we are rocks, we never give up the fight.

They can kill us, they can shoot us, but we are standing still.
Take our lives, take our land, but you can never take our will.
The land is ours: every mountain, every rock and every hill.

They can kill us, or let us starve and it's all ok!!!
No fighting back, we're terrorists & to the laws we must obey!!!

What's right? What's wrong? The world is going blind.
Who's killing? & who is shot? What's wrong with the human mind?

Cut the crap, no more talk, no more human rights!!!
We are fed up, we had enough, it's clear to the sights.

For God's sake, for all those who died for the issue.
For Sheikh Yassine & Abou Ammar, Palestine needs me & you.

No more talk, "actions speak louder than words".
Let's fly, spread our wings like the birds.

Our martyrs, our dreams and our land are divine.
All I know & always knew that the sun will always shine.
In one word, say it clear "FREEDOM for PALESTINE"

(For all Palestinians, for my beloved, my heart "Palestine"…
…Till the day comes!!!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A long & hard day at school !!!

We took those pictures at my place of work on a Tuesday. I used to call it BLACK Tuesday because I work all day long and i have three different levels...
My friends said that I look "half-asleep" after zooming one of the pictures in which my eyes looked half closed...
Have a look yourself and see if that's true or not...
ha ha ha...a zombie like...

After all…that’s me

At times i feel like the world is mine.
So proud and self-assured as if I were divine.
Too conceited as if I am the reason for the sun to shine.

But now I'm just feeling so much low.
As if anything and everything could make me bow.
All I am and all i have is nothing to show.
Where did all that pride ans self-esteem go?

Now & then I feel like shattered by my thoughts.
Like there is no way for that sentence to end with dots.
Every little thinking makes me have more doubts.

What to? where and how? are driving me nuts.
People me or them? I don't have the guts.
To face myself or face the world or just my "buts".

But if, but why? But would I? Can I make it stop?
Don't you ever worry, I may back down, but I always make it back to TOP.

Welcome to my BLOG

Hi everyone!!!
I don't know how to start this little introduction, but I'd like you all to feel welcome and enjoy being around...I hope you enjoy my blog and all it contains...I'll be grateful if you help me out make it best of what it can be...
So feel comfortable and be my guests...
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