Thursday, June 4, 2009

After all…that’s me

At times i feel like the world is mine.
So proud and self-assured as if I were divine.
Too conceited as if I am the reason for the sun to shine.

But now I'm just feeling so much low.
As if anything and everything could make me bow.
All I am and all i have is nothing to show.
Where did all that pride ans self-esteem go?

Now & then I feel like shattered by my thoughts.
Like there is no way for that sentence to end with dots.
Every little thinking makes me have more doubts.

What to? where and how? are driving me nuts.
People me or them? I don't have the guts.
To face myself or face the world or just my "buts".

But if, but why? But would I? Can I make it stop?
Don't you ever worry, I may back down, but I always make it back to TOP.


Cikgu Napi said...

You must be a good teacher my bro

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