Friday, June 12, 2009

“Let Me Cheat”

O teacher! Have mercy, please let me cheat.
I haven’t written anything on my sheet.
This is just copying no counterfeit.
I wanna move on to next level, not keep my seat.
There will be more interesting people to meet.
Can’t you see I’m tortured and suffering from the heat?
This ain’t a war or an enemy we’re trying to defeat.
If you’d like, I’ll kiss both your feet.
O son! All I’m gonna say to you is:
“If there’s no sweat, there will be no sweet”


Anonymous said...

in fact, most of pupils like to pass their exams without troubles but your answer is suitable to convince them with the necessity of work.....think's sir for your honesty.Bassouma

omar_champ said...

Welcome Bassouma and thank you a lot for your comment.You are the first one to leave something here so I'm happy for that and honored.
That's true cheating in exams means chating ourselves and our communities...
Thanks again,

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