Thursday, June 4, 2009

A long & hard day at school !!!

We took those pictures at my place of work on a Tuesday. I used to call it BLACK Tuesday because I work all day long and i have three different levels...
My friends said that I look "half-asleep" after zooming one of the pictures in which my eyes looked half closed...
Have a look yourself and see if that's true or not...
ha ha ha...a zombie like...


Anonymous said...

yeah, I can see u seem very busy there in those pics....yet I can guess that your sense of humour towards life makes life more interesting even though it could a hard day at work, am I right?????/

omar_champ said...

Ya that's right, Humor is always needed to soften things and make tough moments seem easy to deal with and go on in this life smoothly.
That's right,

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