Friday, June 12, 2009

“Tell Me I’m Not In Love”

- Staying here in my room, trying to get your image off my head.
- It was indeed my struggle last week and the one ahead.
- This feeling is new and strong, thrilling me and making me so sad.
- I’m not doing anything just thinking about you, as a mad.
- I told my story to a friend “Oh my god!” that’s what he said.
- You’re in love that will kill you if you’re not already dead.
- So, how to get over? I said, or there’s no way?
- To forget her, and stay focused and conscious all day.
- The world is anxious, my heart is broken and my mind is away.
- No one helped me out, everyone I asked said it’s hard to say.
- You may never get over; you may stick on her all the way.
- I tried everything; I’m so confused I’m worked out.
- I want to go out, to scream and shout.
- Then suddenly, as I was thinking an idea came out.
- In fact, I always knew it’s the only way, no doubt.
- To talk to her and confess that I had a knock out.
- From her, and to ask her what she thinks about that.
- Somehow, I went to her house and rang the bell then she opened the door.
- I got a heart attack and was frozen and stuck to the floor.
- She said: “tell me I’m not in love, it has never happened to me before.”


Anonymous said...

Love is like an eternal flame,
Once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time.....
It takes 3 seconds to say 'I Love You' but a lifetime to prove it.....
Let your heart guide you...but listen closely because it whispers....

I wich you the best
your sister Bassouma

omar_champ said...

Oh thanks for those lovely quotes, they are really inspiring.
Hope you find your right guy with whom u stay in love for the rest of your life...
Best of the best,

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