Thursday, December 31, 2009

Second Mum

A descendant of noble kings & queens.
With a beauty God has never given before.
Day after day her shining face gains.
More charm & sparkling, that’s for sure!

She’s a real beauty from inside out.
With so much kindness at the heart.
You’ll fall in love with her, no doubt.
And that’s what I felt right at the start.

Such a smile on the face with sweetness of the voice.
And the kindness of the heart gave me no other choice.
Then treating her as mum, she took me as a son, making me rejoice.

I’m ever grateful for your love and care.
Sorry for any misbehavior I made you bear.
You’re a second mum for me, I swear!

A Love Overdose

O people! Help me; I’ve got a love overdose.
I know not the consequences, but I’m certain of the cause.
Hurry! Please, my heart already froze.

Have I known this feeling? Oh! Never before.
My heart jumps when she says: “You’re the one I adore”.
I get knocked out & no longer feel the floor.

Is she a blessing or an obsession? I can’t tell.
I don’t even remember how my heart fell.
She just imprisoned my soul & covered my heart like a shell.

Call her an angel, a fever or a rose.
Whatever terms you give, you’re not even close.
How much I love her?! I can’t put it either on poetry or prose.
Oh baby! Take it easy on me I’ve got a love overdose.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Love to Extreme

My love to you has reached the extreme.
It’s stronger then reason & brighter than a dream.
A tremendous need for you pushes me to scream.

Your all inside me, I think I’m obsessed.
I lost my reasons, I’m completely possessed.
In your presence I’m impressed; in your absence I’m depressed.

I feel so much attached to you.
Without you I don’t know what to do.
Being far from you makes me feel in blue.

I feel that my soul is elsewhere.
Why shall we be apart? It’s unfair.
I can’t keep it up this way, I swear!

How much more shall I endure the pain?
You’re driving me crazy, I’m truly insane.
Have mercy on me. Come & drive away this pain.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Hijry Year!!!

Happy and blessed new HIJRI year to all the Muslims in every corner of the world .
BUT how can we be truly happy while in some parts of this world there are brothers and sisters of ours who suffer great hardship day in day out?And WHERE is that? In their very own land .And surrounded by WHOM? The so-called Muslim and Arab countries.
We have learned to love Palestine even before loving our own country while growing up.
And every day that love and that sympathy just grow fonder and fonder .
So to our families in Gaza the West Bank East Jerusalem and Lebanon's camps and everywhere that there's a Palestinian orphan crying their parents ,a widow crying her husband ,or a mother crying her beloved martyred son,
Sorry we are doing nothing !

Taken from a friend's blog, many thanks to my dear, beloved brother SOFIANE.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It hurts so badly, and it’s hard to admit.
It makes you feel lost inside & in conflict.
You don’t know how to react & you contradict.

When you’re hurt by love you really suffocate.
Nothing in this world would ever compensate.
It’s hard, there’s no way to conciliate.

You’re so desperate, you feel so much down.
Nothing would make up for you, even a crown.
You feel it’s all wrong, the place, the time, the town.

It’s paralyzing you coz u don’t know how to react.
You would never be able to have a pay back.
You love that person, & you can’t hurt him back.

You feel broken and lost between love & pride.
You really shouldn’t tell, but you really can’t hide.
Love really hurts, but it’s triumphant & always inside.

Hope you never go through this...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Beauty of Timimoun

Here are some of the most attractive & outstanding pictures from my area. Mainly the tree palms & the plantation during sunset...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Newly taken pics (me & Messaoud)

I was wondering why they had a genuine smile? They have no psychological or mental trouble coz they are MARRIED...they have a certain stability! What-else would one look for? hehehe

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Little Things

How nice it feels to see their shiny faces!
To go back in history as if they are your traces.
SO promising & full of life with a thirst to knowledge on all bases.
I love to be around them & share their dreams in all cases.

I like to tell them jokes & see them smile.
I like when they make trouble once in a while.
I’d do my all to meet them, I’d walk a mile.
I like their innocence, their humour & their lifestyle.

I like to see them play, to have fun & joy.
It’s no big deal for them if you’re girl or boy.
A life without worries & trouble, so easy to enjoy.

Oh god! How much I love those sweet little things!
I’ll be there for them no matter what the future brings.
I’d like to see my pupils all queens and kings.
And be leaders of tomorrow & spread their wings.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Found in You

Your voice is like music to my ear.
The nicest thing I’d like to hear.
It’s like hope which rips off all my fear.

I see you everywhere; you’re like air in the atmosphere.
Being far from you kills me, it’s so severe.
To my heart you’re so close, so near.
I love you like crazy, I miss you my dear.

You’re the one who set my heart on fire.
The one and only one, everyone should admire.
Love is felt but with you something to acquire.
If I say I’m just in love with you, I’ll be a liar.

I’m drowning into you day by day.
I wish you never leave me, I wish you always stay.
I wish when we get together we’ll never be away.
Wanna be with you forever, and keep it that way.
I was lost and found in you, there’s no more I’d like to say.

Hope you like it!!!

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