Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Hijry Year!!!

Happy and blessed new HIJRI year to all the Muslims in every corner of the world .
BUT how can we be truly happy while in some parts of this world there are brothers and sisters of ours who suffer great hardship day in day out?And WHERE is that? In their very own land .And surrounded by WHOM? The so-called Muslim and Arab countries.
We have learned to love Palestine even before loving our own country while growing up.
And every day that love and that sympathy just grow fonder and fonder .
So to our families in Gaza the West Bank East Jerusalem and Lebanon's camps and everywhere that there's a Palestinian orphan crying their parents ,a widow crying her husband ,or a mother crying her beloved martyred son,
Sorry we are doing nothing !

Taken from a friend's blog, many thanks to my dear, beloved brother SOFIANE.


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