Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Love Overdose

O people! Help me; I’ve got a love overdose.
I know not the consequences, but I’m certain of the cause.
Hurry! Please, my heart already froze.

Have I known this feeling? Oh! Never before.
My heart jumps when she says: “You’re the one I adore”.
I get knocked out & no longer feel the floor.

Is she a blessing or an obsession? I can’t tell.
I don’t even remember how my heart fell.
She just imprisoned my soul & covered my heart like a shell.

Call her an angel, a fever or a rose.
Whatever terms you give, you’re not even close.
How much I love her?! I can’t put it either on poetry or prose.
Oh baby! Take it easy on me I’ve got a love overdose.


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