Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It hurts so badly, and it’s hard to admit.
It makes you feel lost inside & in conflict.
You don’t know how to react & you contradict.

When you’re hurt by love you really suffocate.
Nothing in this world would ever compensate.
It’s hard, there’s no way to conciliate.

You’re so desperate, you feel so much down.
Nothing would make up for you, even a crown.
You feel it’s all wrong, the place, the time, the town.

It’s paralyzing you coz u don’t know how to react.
You would never be able to have a pay back.
You love that person, & you can’t hurt him back.

You feel broken and lost between love & pride.
You really shouldn’t tell, but you really can’t hide.
Love really hurts, but it’s triumphant & always inside.

Hope you never go through this...


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