Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Refugee’s Life

Gloomy was the day I was born.
All was blown up, all was torn.

Havoc, destruction & sadness prevailed.
The savages’ bloody nature was unveiled.

Any difference did my life make,
any hope it brought?
A child unnoticed for god’s sake,
battles were fought.

I cried my heart out, there were noises,
there were voices, there were tears.
My mother’s soft hands wiped off the tears,
her warm voice calmed my fears.

“Hush! My little angel” she told me that and she went on:
“We’re born to fight; we never give up, never cry”,
then she was gone!
She gave me hope then disappeared,
loads of pain, cuts like a knife.
I was alone, no one appeared!
All is insane in a refugee’s life.

Too little was I to realize the cruelty of this world.
They speak of peace, of human rights, of a white bird.

All my life I wondered: “Do such things truly exist?”
Oh please! You nerds! Don’t shoot at me & speak of peace,
you contradict.
Long I’ve learned there’s one way out, I’ve got to fight,
I’ve to resist.


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