Monday, September 27, 2010

Gr8 Minds

Think of me the way it suits ur little narrow brain,
People of the like never coz me any worriedness or pain,
You’re foolishness & disturbed mind we’ll drive u insane,
Ere long u’ll lose it all & crumble in the failure’s chain.

Big mouths r fond of the “all talk no walk” policy,
In the shadow you always live with all your hypocrisy,
If I get down to ur level u’ll have ur ecstasy,
But NO sir! That’ll remain ur own absurd fantasy.

Great minds discuss brilliant ideas, they’re held in high esteem,
Narrow minds of the like don’t have it even in their dreams,
In dirt & darkness you’ll prevail with no hope of a single beam,
Hideous, useless back-humped u’ll end up singing ur nasty hymn.

Those who feed on misery & hate will always perish,
Only those who live to spread goodness will cherish,
Their qualities & good essence on which they nourish,
A bad seed withers sooner, good ones always flourish.


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