Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Magister Quest (26/10/2011) ^_^

A long journey that was! I met a friend of mine with whom I went to S. Belabes for the magister contest. About 700 people attended 'the ceremony' and only 6 will make it. We spent the whole day inside the campus getting ready for the big day. Later on that day, we went out sightseeing downtown & in the afternoon we visited a friend who insisted on having us home for dinner. At dawn we left the city headed to Saida to get some papers, at night we reached Mascara & had to spend the night there at a friend of mine's. Next day we set sail to Mostaganem our last stop where we spent two days & checked the university there for master inscriptions. After Jomoa Prayer we got ready for our journey back home via Oran...

Here are some pics:


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