Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Heart Doomed to Bleed

Regret & fret often come to mind.
With hope to build up on what’s left behind.

Could a restoration be possible indeed?
An ointment, a bandage for a heart doomed to bleed.

I recall all moments, all that we shared.
Memories weaken me, my mind is fatigued.
Your voice resonates, all around it can be heard.
So clear, so near that my fear increased.

People said time is a good agent of change.
But absence only makes the heart grow founder.
I never thought I could reach this stage.
My feelings surmount me, I can resist no longer.

Little could be done, so I leave it all to fate.
In God I trust, my confidence in him is great.
May Allah save me & get me out of this state.


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