Friday, March 25, 2011

The time In Tillouline,Is never spent in vain

Wonderful!!! That's the least I can say about the days I spent in Tillou with the company of my beloved friends & dear ones!!!It was so overwhelming I lost counting of days & got stuck there again when I was planning to leave !!! I wonder how come I could never leave the place on time or as planned(x_x) Lots of weddings we attended, many people we visited & a lot of friends we met there!!! There's a great sense of collaboration & social life there.
I wish them all best of luck & hope all my friends would have families of their own & be as happy as ever esp LAHBIB !!! ^_^
Here are some pics & videos :
1- Me & Lahbib:

2- Me & Moha:

3- Just me:

Here are some videos wich show local traditional songs & social meetings, the food their is sooooooo yummy by the by especially KASRA, mama mia ^_^
Video I:

Video II:


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