Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are We Students?

I was talking to my friend about what's happening in the class.
He said everything there was indeed in a mess.

We're talking all the time, no attention to the lesson.
And the teacher's always saying, please people would you listen.
I don't get it, what's wrong? Is it an impossible mission?

When the teacher asks a question, two; no more, for the answer.
What about the others? Who cares! They don’t really bother.

If the teacher's one moment late, he will never find us.
Do you really like studying? Yes we do, so why you're not in the class.

Have you read what I gave you last time?
No we didn't, sorry sir, we didn't have enough time.
We will have some make up sessions…Oh, no sir!!! This is a crime.

Oh people for God's sake, com' on we can win this war.
Let us be, or seem to be what real students are.

(Dedicated to all Algerian students………)


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