Monday, August 17, 2009

Be Proud Be You

- Strange the way people may look at it you as a dirty towel.
- But, he must crack the nut who will eat the kernel.
- Why don't they dig inside? Not everyone is an empty bottle.
- Those people are MAD indeed, with a long stress on the vowel.
- But don't give 'em a damn, All they do is to babble.
- Don't care for people words, They'll neither kill u nor build u a castle.
- There words will never hurt, And never ever make you a cripple.
- Why care for people then, Since your friends find you so special.
- If you try to satisfy everyone, you'll satisfy no one, it's real.
- Be proud be you, Then the rest is very simple.
- Don't blame yourself for being you, But do if you change it even a little.
- For God's sake & those who love you, Be proud, be you and win the battle.


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