Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Wanna be imprisoned and put into the cage?
Lose your freedom & spend your entire wage?
Wanna get into trouble and be in rage?

His words resonated in my ears for long.
He described it vividly as if in a monologue.
He kept it on-going like a croaking frog.
Or a mad, enraged, barking dog.

“Hush!” I said “you cozed my head an ache.”
“Your case has no solid grounds, it’s all fake.”
“Move out of your dungeon, it’s time to awake.”
“Stop your nonessential arguing, for God’s sake!”

People came & gathered around.
So great in numbers, they made a crowd.
As in elections, or a company to found.
The dust raised, no way there to see the ground.

I said: “Marriage is a sacred, holy bond”
“Not a cheap love story as in James Bond”
“Mutual respect & care should be found,”
“for marriage to prosper. I’ll be bound”


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