Friday, October 8, 2010

No Grudges!

Dear “missy”! I mean no offence & hope it ain’t taken.
Hard is to cope with life when your heart is broken.
Here I am laying these lines by the same token.
Telling you no matter what! I ain’t gonna be shaken.

Now I wonder whether ‘tis rough to pop the question,
Or bear a ‘no’ as answer? Is it a fashion?
Is it the ‘fair sex’ strategy to attract attention?
Show incertitude? Or some brain dis-function?

I do know o, missy! Hard ‘tis to decide,
And even harder ‘tis for you to be aside,
I wished o, lady! You could be by my side,
Come face me with the truth, nothing’s there to hide.

I strongly do believe, though, it’s all up to fate.
And if time ain’t due yet, still I have to wait.
“Better late than never” as the saying goes.
Best wishes & no grudges, case is closed.


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