Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome Ramadan

A marvelous new Nasheed by Elafasi, in three different languages (Arabic, French & English). Dedicated to a special friend of mine who talked to me a bout a great project in this holy month: Reciting Koran and finishing it one time every three days, which means 10 "Khatma" by the end of this month.
What a great project, may allah help us all to realize that & grant us blessing, forgiveness & paradise....

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Heart Break

Nobody ever would know how it feels.
When you’ve got a heart wound which never heals.
You think you know someone with whom you feel at ease.
You even fall in love & become vibrating like the bees.
It’s all full of romance and love, that’s how it seems.
Suddenly a word strikes your heart through the ears.
It’s so sudden and painful that it causes you to freeze.
You wish it was all just a summer breeze.
Or just a nightmare, or something caused by a disease.
When you feel not trust worthy, how HARD it is?
You feel suffocated and unable to breathe.
As if your heart is being cut or under squeeze.
Just tell me this never happened, oh just make it stop PLEAZE!!!

Be Proud Be You

- Strange the way people may look at it you as a dirty towel.
- But, he must crack the nut who will eat the kernel.
- Why don't they dig inside? Not everyone is an empty bottle.
- Those people are MAD indeed, with a long stress on the vowel.
- But don't give 'em a damn, All they do is to babble.
- Don't care for people words, They'll neither kill u nor build u a castle.
- There words will never hurt, And never ever make you a cripple.
- Why care for people then, Since your friends find you so special.
- If you try to satisfy everyone, you'll satisfy no one, it's real.
- Be proud be you, Then the rest is very simple.
- Don't blame yourself for being you, But do if you change it even a little.
- For God's sake & those who love you, Be proud, be you and win the battle.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reality or a Dream

- My feelings for her are crystal-clear.
- When we are together, I feel that she is here.
- Everything tells me that she is near.
- But when she’s away I have a tremendous fear.
- I say to myself:" you are dreaming, my dear."
- Is it reality, or just a whisper to my ear?
- Is it a dream? Coz her voice is so good to hear.
- I feel that love is all in the atmosphere.
- It cuts like a knife, it’s so severe


- Sometimes, in the middle of torture & suffering.
- I wish our story never had a beginning.
- My love to her is so overwhelming.
- My thinking of her goes on without stopping.
- I'm just like a mad who lost his reasoning.
- I think, rethink & keep on thinking.
- At the end, I know that love is triumphant, & always winning.
- And I wish our story will have a happy ending.

(Dedicated to HER…)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inside the Cable Car

I took this video while I was in Telemcen. We were taking the cable car back to "Grand Basin" coming back from "Lala sitti.
I really don't know wot came into me, and had that feeling & desire to DOCUMENT it...
So this is wot came along....hahaha very funny with chattered thoughts...

Are We Students?

I was talking to my friend about what's happening in the class.
He said everything there was indeed in a mess.

We're talking all the time, no attention to the lesson.
And the teacher's always saying, please people would you listen.
I don't get it, what's wrong? Is it an impossible mission?

When the teacher asks a question, two; no more, for the answer.
What about the others? Who cares! They don’t really bother.

If the teacher's one moment late, he will never find us.
Do you really like studying? Yes we do, so why you're not in the class.

Have you read what I gave you last time?
No we didn't, sorry sir, we didn't have enough time.
We will have some make up sessions…Oh, no sir!!! This is a crime.

Oh people for God's sake, com' on we can win this war.
Let us be, or seem to be what real students are.

(Dedicated to all Algerian students………)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A MARVELLOUS recitation of Qur'an

In the following video you'll see a kid reciting Koran in a very splendid way.I really can't help the tears coming down each time he reaches the part in which he starts reciting SURAT EL-KAWTHAR...It's really so unbelievably touching...
Hope you'll enjoy it, and wish I'll have kids like that...hehehehe AMIIIIIIN

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