Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reality or a Dream

- My feelings for her are crystal-clear.
- When we are together, I feel that she is here.
- Everything tells me that she is near.
- But when she’s away I have a tremendous fear.
- I say to myself:" you are dreaming, my dear."
- Is it reality, or just a whisper to my ear?
- Is it a dream? Coz her voice is so good to hear.
- I feel that love is all in the atmosphere.
- It cuts like a knife, it’s so severe


- Sometimes, in the middle of torture & suffering.
- I wish our story never had a beginning.
- My love to her is so overwhelming.
- My thinking of her goes on without stopping.
- I'm just like a mad who lost his reasoning.
- I think, rethink & keep on thinking.
- At the end, I know that love is triumphant, & always winning.
- And I wish our story will have a happy ending.

(Dedicated to HER…)


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