Sunday, November 1, 2009

Algerian Battle (01/11/1954 to 05/07/1962)

I would first use a quote of a wise man who said :" There are no neutrals, only patriots or traitors". 1.5 millions died defending this country through a ravaging war which looked impossible to win for everyone else except for them. Those martyrs gave everything they had, and sacrificed their souls for the sake of this country & would do it over & over again if they had to. It's our responsibility now to follow their steps and struggle to make this country a better place. There are lots who may seem to to have lost hope & others who wouldn't like to see this country make any progress, BUT we should always look at the bright side of things & as the saying goes :" You better Light a candle than surrender to the dark "
May Allah bless our dear country forever and bestow his blessing on the souls of those who defended & died for it & those who are willing to do so. May Allah CRASH all those who are plotting against it & wish it harm...Amiiiiiiiiiin


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