Sunday, November 1, 2009


She's around and my heart starts to beat.
She speaks to me & makes life become so sweet.
When I'm with her, I don't need to drink or eat.
For her everything & everyone I'll defeat.

She's the one who made my life so complete.
The only person I really want to meet.
All in life is abstract, but she's so concrete.

Missing her makes me feel so sad.
Missing your heart, what's more bad?
She made me lose my senses, my mind & my head.

When she's around I don’t know what to say.
She really takes my breath away.
All I can say is:"Sa Rang Hae".

She's greater than I can explain.
Life without her is all in vain.
I'm drowned in her love, I'm insane.

I love her so much, oh she makes me fly.
Don’t go away from me, I'd rather die.
Look at me straight in the eye.
Say I love you & don’t tell me why.

Honey please, never say this word,
Never say goodbye.

NB: Sa Rang Hae = love you in Korean.
Please don't bother asking who she is or was.I won't tell you anyways...hahaha


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