Friday, November 6, 2009


Being with her really drives me insane.
I like the powers of her brain.
My love to her is something I can’t explain.

I think of her every time my eye blinks.
I’m so in love with her & the way she thinks.
She’s able to make me feel so high, or make me shrink.

She’s so funny, so amusing, and so unpredictable.
The time I spend with her is incomparable.
Such a lovely person she is! She’s so adorable.

She’s full of energy, full of hope, she’s like the birds.
She’s not something you can put in words.
Greatness, sweetness & her voice is meant to be heard.

She’s not someone you can fool around coz she’s foxy.
You need to think twice with her, but she’s trust worthy.
She’s a PRINCESS with all the word means, she’s classy.

Honey, I would do all I can for us to be together.
My dream is to live with you forever.
Nothing in the world would give more happiness or pleasure.
You’re all I need, you’re my life you’re my treasure.


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