Saturday, November 14, 2009


She whispered the words to me that night.
And caused me both: safety and fright.
I couldn’t close my eye, that’s right.
Something so strong I couldn’t fight.

Her voice was so tender and so sweet.
It could make me come down on my feet.
I dunno any more what’s abstract or concrete.
She messed up my brains my worlds, I’m on the heat.

I feel like I’m sinking deep into the ocean.
Something tremendous pulling me down, I can’t mention.
How overwhelming this is! It’s so true, no imagination.
Cozing lots of ecstasy and huge frustration.

My feelings are all combined & mixed inside.
But there’s a great happiness I cannot hide.
I wish that tomorrow she’ll be my bride.
And make my smaller world so wide.

It’s for YOU

Keep your promise
, Till the day comes….


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