Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Little Things

How nice it feels to see their shiny faces!
To go back in history as if they are your traces.
SO promising & full of life with a thirst to knowledge on all bases.
I love to be around them & share their dreams in all cases.

I like to tell them jokes & see them smile.
I like when they make trouble once in a while.
I’d do my all to meet them, I’d walk a mile.
I like their innocence, their humour & their lifestyle.

I like to see them play, to have fun & joy.
It’s no big deal for them if you’re girl or boy.
A life without worries & trouble, so easy to enjoy.

Oh god! How much I love those sweet little things!
I’ll be there for them no matter what the future brings.
I’d like to see my pupils all queens and kings.
And be leaders of tomorrow & spread their wings.


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