Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lost in love (a friend's poem)

Your love is wrapped around my soul
I wonder in his clutches like a fool
Life without your smile has no taste
Every second without you is a waste
In your veins my darling I wish to die
And in your eternal heaven I dream to fly
Every thought of you makes my universe freeze
Your breath caress my soul like a summer night breeze
My darling tiger I miss you by my side
My yearning for you I can’t manage to hide
To sink in your deep ocean is all what I’m needing
Your touch will cure my heart and stop it from bleeding
Let our cells and our pores play the sweet eternal symphony
Breathless restless lost yearning moaning in harmony
Our hearts go after each other in an endless chase
Trying to dominate each one’s soul causing a holy maze
Your poisoned hits of love make me go down on my feet
All in life sound abstract and your love is so concrete
You’re the source of the darkness and the source of light
Your love is a luscious fusion of safety and fright
I bet I sound dramatic, pathetic and lame
All I want is your love I’m seeking no fame
I don’t say this for rhyming I say it for love’s sake
These are my genuine feelings babe they aren’t fake
I want to be near and follow you like a tail
Loving you more a love that’s never meant to fail
Dearest I’m truthful I’m sincere, you know I’m no liar
Your love is consuming my breaths like a big fat fire

Thanks to faith for this lovely poem...


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